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Grinding Wheels

Brand: GSK Cut Model: WB51251
125mm Angle Grinder Knotted Wire wheel brush for weld seam  Material- Stainless Steel Bristles, Bristle Color- Dark Silver Wire Wheel Brush Twisted/KnottedTwist knot wire wheel low-flex, high-impact cleaning longer brush life high impact cleaning action better surface finish recommended..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: Diamond Polishing
Mainly used for marble, Shicai stone, glass, ceramics, granite floor renovation project.Package Contains –Grit - #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6..
₹ _1,185/-
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Brand: Ingco Model: 3 inch Wheel Brush
75mm Brass Wire Wheel Brush suitable for deburring, edge honing, descaling paint stripping with ¼ inch shank Brush wire is a brush whose strands are created of steel, usually a metal cord. The metal utilized is generally a medium to high carbon mixture and is very strong and adjustable.Som..
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Brand: Bosch Model: 7 Inch DC Wheel
BOSCH 7 Inch Depressed Center Wheel Wheel is suitable for Grinding of Steel, Iron, MS and such other similar metalsSpecification :- Wheel bore (in mm) 22.23 mmThickness 6.6 mmWheel diameter 7 inch (180mm) Designed for use with large angle grinders7 Inch depressed center wheel for grindi..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: Muslin Cotton Buffing Wheel
100% soft cotton buffing wheel The polishing wheels are 1/2" center hole fits most bench grinder.The polishing wheels much thicker to last longer and provide larger surface area,Thick concentrically sewn circles design holds plys together more stiffly so greater pressure can be applied. Usage: Po..
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