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Screws & Bolts

Brand: GSK Cut Model: Drywall Combo
Features: The kit comprises of different dry wall screws 450 PiecesApplication: can be used for the installation of wall clock, picture frame, small mirror, venetian vertical blinds, small wall pieces, napkin holders, curtain rod, bathroom accessories, glass shelves, wall hangs, light fittings, ..
₹ _475/-
Ex Tax:₹ _403/-
Brand: GSK Cut Model: Drywall 8X32 - 200 Nos.
Drywall screws have a sharp point to pierce through drywall, and a coarse thread design to help grab into wood studs.Attaching drywall to wood studs, wood to wood and more, can be ideal for your home, office, or workplace.Drywall screws are best with deeper threads Hardened material makes it easy to..
₹ _325/-
Ex Tax:₹ _275/-
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