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Brand: GSK Cut Model: Welding Goggle_Green
Industrial Safety Gear Kit - Welding Goggles with Dark Lens Flip-up GreenA must have item for welding jobs. Dark lenses flip-up features allows you to easily chip or grind with clear lenses without removing goggles. Protects eyes from dangerous sparks, light and dust. Soft plastic frame conforms to ..
₹ _250/-
Ex Tax:₹ _212/-
Brand: Ingco Model: Welding Goggle
A Product that makes welding process easier and effective. Using this compact and sleek Welding Goggles by GSK Cut, you are able to get perfect results in this job. It delivers comfort, clear vision, and overall wardship when are engaged in this perilous job.Adjustable HeadbandFlip-Up FilterSoft PVC..
₹ _285/-
Ex Tax:₹ _242/-
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