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Brand: GSK Cut Model: TCT Hole Saw 100mm
Dimensions:Cutting dia.: 100mm / 3.94"; Shank size: 10mm / 0.39"; Cutting depth: 29mm / 1.14"; Overall length: 93mm / 3.66"; Non-slip triangular shank. Carbide hole cutter is with longer life than normal metal cutting hole cuttersPackage Content: 1 x Hole Saw with Pilot Drill Bit 1 x Allen wrench..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: Nyloc Nut Pack of 100
Package details:M4-----50pcsM6-----24pcsM8-----16pcsM10-----10pcsNylon lock nut is a round nut, and in its outer open four small slot, you can use the crescent wrench screw on the stud, the lock nut should be equipped with a shaft Washer, it can be used to make the small groove on the stud and its p..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: Marble Cutting Machine
Marble saw granite, tiles, wood, plywood cutter machine 110 mm product description: marble saw is the powerful and compact tool for wet and dry cutting. Reliable and durable tool with 1200 w for fast and precise cutting.Adjustable sole plate for angled cuts. Handy, lightweight 1.5 Kg.It is suitable ..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: Hole Saw Cutter
11 Piece HOLE SAW SET Hole Saws Are Made From Carbon Steel Complete With Mandrel Ideal Set For Installing Locks And Other Small Hole Boring Includes Hole saw sizes : 3/4" - 19mm, 7/8"- 22mm, 1 1/8"-28mm, 1 1/4"- 32mm, 1 1/2"-38mm, 1 1/3"- 44mm, 2"- 51mm, 2 1/2"- 64mm. Package includes : 1 x 11 in 1 ..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: Tap and Die Set
This set contains everything you will need to repair and cut internal and external threads and is machined to exacting standards. Save your time and money going to the store and looking for a replacement when you can just easily cut and repair threads on your own.Specification: 5 Metric Taps: M6 ..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: Hand Tool Kit
Hand Tools with Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Plier, Hammer and other regular use kit with storage bagPackage Contains - 1x Art Utility Knife1x Scissors1x Insulation Tape1x tape measure 2M1x Slotted Flat Head Screwdriver(5*75)1x Phillips screwdriver knife(PH1*75)1x Wire cutter pliers (160mm)1x Flashlig..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: WB51251
125mm Angle Grinder Knotted Wire wheel brush for weld seam  Material- Stainless Steel Bristles, Bristle Color- Dark Silver Wire Wheel Brush Twisted/KnottedTwist knot wire wheel low-flex, high-impact cleaning longer brush life high impact cleaning action better surface finish recommended..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: Router Bit Set
12 Pcs Router Set1Pcs V-Groove Bit: The aptly named bit cuts decorative V-shaped grooves in cabinet doors, drawer faces, table legs, and wall paneling1Pcs Core Box Bit: This is a nonpiloted router bit that cuts round-bottomed grooves. It's most often used to rout flutes in columns and vert..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: DL8070
Cigarette Lighter Socket – Battery Clip ConverterFeature·         Product Name: 12V/ 15A Cigarette Splitter Plug Heavy Duty Extension Cord with Battery Alligator Clamps·         Injection molding of the cigarette l..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: Cobalt Drill Bit Set
Description:- Industrial quality for smooth accurate drilling- Use on plastic, metal, and wood- Titanium coated HSS drill set with standard 1/4" hex shank that will fit cordless screwdrivers, drills etc or use in standard drill chuck.- Fitted with 1/4" hex shank.Material: SteelSizes: 1.5 - 6.5mm.Siz..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: 14 Inch Welding Gloves
Description:-- This is a pair of durable high-dexterity grain all work gloves lengthen 350mm;-- Leather provides a good mix of durability, dexterity, abrasion resistance, and comfort, adiabatic and protects you from spark.--Wing thumb design allows more natural movement of the thumb and fingers, mak..
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Brand: GSK Cut Model: 14 Inch Cutoff Wheel
This proficient tool can comfortably cut all pipe types include galvanized steel, sheet metal, black steel, cable, etc. It delivers fast cutting and is known for cutting 2-3 times more than the lower quality or excessively thin wheels. Specially designed for hard and continuous use, the product can ..
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